The Federation Internationale des Trompes de France (FITF) or the International Federation of Trompes of France goes well beyond the French borders.  The FITF has 14 regions.  France is divided into 9 regions, and other countries include Germany, Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and it's most recent inclusion, the USA.  England, alas, so close, has no membership.  The FITF governs and oversees the activities related to playing the trompe.  FITF membership is well over 3,000 members.  Throughout FITF's regions a variety of events hosted each year coordinated through the FITF, the two largest events are the Concours de Societes (Groups festival), each two years, and the International Festival (with individual championships) both held in the summer.  If you interested in belonging to the FITF in the United States, please contact Responsible@Trompe.US.   Our membership in the USA is small but growing.  Please visit for updates on International events and resources.